Published November 15, 2017 by CrazyRedders

Since it’s hump day, I’m going to share this special story with you all.  


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Operation Poke And Hope

Published February 10, 2017 by CrazyRedders

So back in January of 2015, I posted this amazing blog post called Operation Poke And Hope (HE POKES AND SHE HOPES).  Apparently people liked it so much they copied my story and put it on their site as their own. I lost count to how many times another website has done this. Have any of you had this problem before?? Most of the time I don’t mind, as long as they give credit where credit is due.  I am pleased at the fact that so many people like it.  So in honor of this story being stolen so much, I would like to share it with you all again.  For anyone who hasn’t read it yet, come check it out and tell me what you think.  Enjoy!

Operation poke and hope


I need your opinion……

Published February 9, 2017 by CrazyRedders

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I need everyones opinion on this very important matter.  My new post is called “I need your opinion……”

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