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Quote of the day :)

Published April 10, 2014 by CrazyRedders

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results ūüôā

– Willie Nelson


What is your favorite thing about summer?

Published April 9, 2014 by CrazyRedders

My favorite thing about summer is when my cars break because I get to watch my Husband outside in the hot heat working on them with his wife beater on and white bandana,  Its the best view ever.  Who needs Tv when you got this.  After all the years we been together he stills puts on a good show ūüôā 

What’s your favorite thing about summer?

My Husbands ex girlfriend put the moves on me

Published April 7, 2014 by CrazyRedders

Here’s a story from a lady I know. She wants me to share her story on my blog with all of you, but wants to remain anonymous.



I have been with my husband for 4 years now, been married for 2. ¬†My husband has a son with his ex girlfriend. ¬†Which is not a problem, I love the kid as if he were my own ūüôā ¬†There is just so much drama when it comes to his ex. ¬†We have full custody now, because the boys mom is abusive and unstable. ¬†She’s with a different guy every 1-2 weeks, constantly moving, beat¬†her son up¬†for not cleaning his room. ¬†So she’s definently not mother of the year. ¬†When I first started dating my husband, I got to meet the ex, because at that time she had partial custody and got to pick up her son every weekend. ¬†I decided maybe I would try to build a relationship with the boys mother. ¬†I think it’s better for the kid if all parties get along. ¬†She approached me one day and asked if I would go out and have a ladies night with her. ¬†I said sure. ¬†I thought it would be a great idea because we could get to know each other better. ¬†I would soon find out that was a bad idea. ¬†I told my boyfriend my plans and I told him I was just doing this to build a relationship with her, and he was okay with that. ¬†Well after getting ready, I headed out to go pick her up. ¬†I had to pick her up because she didn’t drive at all. ¬†After picking her up, we heading to the club of her choice. ¬†Once we got to the club, we went up to the bar. ¬†She started to flirt with the bartender in hopes of getting free shots. ¬†She really thought she was all that and a bag of chips. ¬†The bartender kept giving her drinks and shots, and she really believed she was getting them for free. ¬†Little did she know, there was a bill at the end of the night and I had to pay for it because I knew she didn’t have much money on her. ¬†She really thought she got the drinks for free because of her looks lol. ¬†She so stupid, and I’m also the stupid one for paying the bill. ¬†After she had a couple drinks/shots, she looked over at me and said, your so beautiful. ¬†She then started running her hands through my long hair, and saying how nice it was. ¬†I thought she was just being nice. ¬†But then she pushed me into the bar with a hand on each side of me, blocking me in. ¬†Then she kissed me on the lips. ¬†I’m not talking about a peck on the lips here. ¬†Were talking about a full blown kiss with tongue action. ¬†I pushed her away and said what are you doing? ¬†She said I like you, ¬†and I want to fuck you. ¬†I told her , you know i’m with your ex and I don’t believe in cheating. ¬†He won’t love you like I will, she said. ¬†Then out of nowhere she grabbed my right boob and tried to kiss me again. ¬†I told her, ¬†I think it’s time to go now. ¬†She said no i’m not ready to leave yet. ¬†She could¬†barely¬† stand up straight at this point. ¬†I said we have too, I got something to do tomorrow. ¬†She said okay let me use the bathroom first. ¬†I helped her to the bathroom and waited for her. ¬†After about 10 minutes of waiting, I was wandering what was taking her so long, so I went to check on her. ¬†When I looked in at the stall, I noticed she was still sitting on the toilet, but now both of her legs ¬†were sticking straight out and the drink¬†that she had was spilled all over the floor. ¬†She was passed out on the toilet. ¬†I’m like really. ¬†I kept calling her name to wake her up. ¬†It took awhile but I finally got her attention and she was able to unlock the door. ¬†I helped her up and said we are leaving now. ¬†On the way out she was trying to flirt with this group of guys. ¬†she was waving at them and saying hey baby. ¬†I just kept moving her towards the door. ¬†Then she said you know I really want to fuck the shit out of you. ¬†Then as we got closer to the door, she bumped and fell into this guy. ¬†The guy she fell into happened to be the owner of the club. ¬†He yelled and said get her out of here. ¬†I looked at him and said, I’m working on it. ¬†I’m the DD. ¬†I told him there was no need to yell like that. ¬†I then started walking away with her and the owner walked up to us and said i’m sorry and that he was happy to see someone responsible and gave me free passes to his club. ¬†I told him thank you and then headed to my car. ¬†The owner had 2 employees wait with my boyfriends ex while I grabbed my car. ¬†On the way home to her apartment, she forgot all about wanting to fuck me, (thank goodness). ¬†But now she wanted me to drop her off at this one guys house. ¬†So I did. ¬†When I arrived, ¬†I helped her inside. ¬†Her guy friend was sitting on the couch. ¬†She walked over to him and jumped right on him. ¬†I looked at him and said I’m going now. ¬†

The next morning when my boyfriend woke up, I told him right away about what happened. ¬†I wanted an honest relationship. ¬†Well let’s just say he was pissed. ¬†I told him she put the moves on me and I pushed her away. ¬†He said I know but it just puts a bad image in my head. ¬† ¬†I said not that I wanted to kiss her or anything, but I thought men liked hearing ¬†about stuff like this. ¬†He said ya but not with my ex. ¬†I said believe me i’m just as upset as you are. ¬†For 1.) ¬†I don’t believe in cheating and 2.) ¬†I didn’t want her to be my first girl kiss, ¬†I could of done way better. ¬†He laughed a little and said woman your crazy . ¬†He also said lets just try to forget it ever happened. ¬†I said okay. ¬†Later on that evening she called me and said thank you for going out with me last night, I had fun. ¬†Then she told me she meant every word she said last night. ¬†She also said she wanted me to move in with her and wanted me to come over so she could show me how much she liked me. ¬†Maybe it wasn’t the booze talking because now shes saying it sober. ¬†I told her no and that she was crazy. ¬†I told her I love my boyfriend and I just want to get along and be civil for the little boy. ¬†She said whatever and hung up.

So tell me what you all think about the story? ¬†How would you handle the situation? ¬†Please like , comment , and share this story with all your friends. ¬†I want to here¬†everyone’s¬†views on this ūüôā

Spanking A Chicken (Fact or Fiction )

Published April 4, 2014 by CrazyRedders

The moment you all been waiting for. ¬†Fact or Fiction Friday ūüôā


Spanking A Chicken

Well I heard of choking your chicken because I often believe that’s what my husband is doing in the bathroom when he’s in there for a long period of time lol. ¬† he denies it though. ¬† But I have never heard of spanking a chicken until recently. ¬†My friend told me that back ¬†in the day when her and her brother would go to collect the eggs from the chicken coop, they would get attacked by this one chicken. ¬†she said that anyone who would go into the coop, would get attacked by this chicken. ¬†Well their mother was fed up with this chicken, ( Hey there’s only so much you one can take from a chicken ) ¬†so she went into the coop and when the chicken tried to attack her again, she spanked it. ¬†(Hey where not talking about abuse here, just a couple love taps to the chickens¬†feathery¬†bottom.)¬†¬†After she spanked the it¬†, she pointed at it and said bad girl, very bad girl. ¬†I think the chicken was in shock, because she told me that after her mother spanked the chicken , the chicken ran into a dark corner and stayed there for awhile. ¬†She also told me that the chicken never attacked anyone ever again after that.

So ¬†i’m asking all of you, do you think this is FACT OR FICTION? ¬†¬†And has anyone out there ever spanked a chicken before or knows someone who has. ¬†I want to hear your stories and your opinions on this. ¬†Post your comments below and share this story with your friends.