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I need your opinion……

Published February 9, 2017 by CrazyRedders

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I need everyones opinion on this very important matter.  My new post is called “I need your opinion……”

Thank you everyone for your continued support.  Look forward to hearing everyones opinion on my new subject.

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The Crazy Ginger’s Back :)

Published July 3, 2016 by CrazyRedders

Snapshot_20150123_4What’s up my crazyredder fans?  I know I haven’t posted anything on my crazyredders website for a year now, and i’m truly sorry.  I got really sick and had to see a lot of doctors.  but I’m happy to say that I’m feeling much better now. And i’m on my way to good health again.  Thank you to all of you for your patience and understanding.  I can finally get back to what I love doing.  Tomorrow I will be posting my new blog post on my crazyredders website at .  You won’t want to miss this one.  It’s called pooping by candlelight.  So come subscribe and happy reading 🙂  Thank you for the support.


Published January 28, 2015 by CrazyRedders

b6d767d2f8ed5d21a44b0e5886680cb9I can’t remember exactly how we got on this subject, but my husband last night was talking about how he wasn’t in his prime anymore. Which was a known fact already, but anyways.  Then he started to tell me how he use to be when he was younger.  I knew this was going to be interesting.  He stood up out of his lazy boy chair and said, woman you have no idea, I use to be a f$%#ing beast back in the day.  I managed to hold my laugh in, but it was hard lol.  I looked at him and said, you’re definitely not a beast anymore, You’re a f$%#ing donkey, but I still love you. He gave me this serious but trying to hold his laugh in type of look.  He then said, oh someone wants to be a smatass.  Well It’s what I do best honey.  Then I said I’m just kidding honey, I know you were a beast back in the day.  Then I gave him a hug and kiss, and told him I loved him.  Sometimes you just got to step back and let them have their moment.  My grandfather once told me that you shouldn’t hurt a mans pride.  I definitely didn’t want to hurt my husbands pride, besides I think it’s sexy when he tries to act hard.  Love him so much 🙂


Published January 21, 2015 by CrazyRedders

131216_sexLets talk about sex and baby making.  I personally like to call it Operation Poke and Hope, (he pokes and she hopes).  Baby making (OPH) sucks the life and fun right out couples.  I’m here to tell you that you can change this.  Baby making can be fun, hot, sexy, steamy, and spontaneous, and lets not forget naughty, that one should never be left out.

Woman don’t need to climax in order to conceive, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t.  Hey why let him have all the fun.  During the OPH process, woman tend to not care about having an orgasm.  Woman are more worried about getting their mans deposit instead of enjoying the moment and having great sex.  Be patient ladies, the bank isn’t closing anytime soon, remember you run that shit.  Your the CEO of the company, so enjoy yourself, there will be plenty of time for his big deposit. I know the biological clock is ticking and you need to get cracking (Marisa Tomei said it best in the movie My Cousin Vinny), but try and  focus on having more fun and bringing foreplay back into the bedroom, make your man work for it.  Just because your trying to conceive, doesn’t mean sex should be something quick just so you can get to the end result faster.  You deserve to have fun too.  I have seen this many of times before, as soon as couples stop thinking about the OPH and just focus on relaxing and having fun, that’s when pregnancy occurs.  Don’t let the OPH process consume you, because it will happen, and it will put allot of stress on your relationship and sex life, and you don’t want that to happen. Try not to stress now, because you will be stressed enough once the kids start popping out.

Don’t just have sex in the bedroom either, work your way through the house or even outside the house.  Have sex in the kitchen, in the pool (weather permitting), on top of the washing machine, in the pickup truck, or if your really feeling adventurous have him lean you over his 2 stroke (dirt bike) if he has one.  That’s always a fun ride. If you want to have some more fun, mix it up a little bit and bring in the whips and chains and handcuffs. Hell if you really want to , get a custom made paddle with your favorite design on it.   You can even do some role playing, whatever floats your boat.  It’s always fun to inflict some pain too. Pain can be a good and pleasurable thing.  Hey sometimes love hurts.

So just relax and go out there and have some mind blowing sex.  Come on people lets make baby making fun 🙂


Published January 19, 2015 by CrazyRedders

enhanced-361-1410544821-7I am a big fan of the penis.  How could you not like this awesome sexual organ.  I mean it could do all sorts of tricks and stuff and There is even a festival every year in japan devoted to the penis and fertility. There is also a penis museum in Iceland. There is penis envy all over the world.  I know that in New Orleans during mardi gras a woman gets beads for showing her boobs, well I think men should be able to show their penises for a prize.  Hell I would definitely make it rain for the penises.   Penises also have a ton of awesome names like, baloney pony, chopper, cum gun, joy stick, pork sword, wang, and one of my personal favorites the yogurt gun.  This is only some though, there are many more great names for this love stick.  Did you know that the worlds largest penis is 13.5 inches long.  That is simply amazing.  There are 2 different kinds of penises.

1- A grower-  which expands and lengthens when erect

2- A shower- which looks big most of the time, but doesn’t get much bigger after an erection

Approximately 79% of men have growers, and 21% have showers.

Some important things you should know about the penis:

-Smoking can shorten the penis

-only 1 in 400 men is flexible enough to give himself oral sex

-Corpses can get erections too

-All penises start off as a clitoris

-They can break, so please handle with care

-And lastly the penis shrinks if unused, that’s right without regular erections, penile tissue can become less elastic and shrink making the penis 1-2 centimeters shorter according to the dick docs at webMD.  So get naked as often as possible and have fun 🙂

So come on everyone, lets show some penis envy and raise them up high.  Can I get a Hell ya 🙂


Published January 18, 2015 by CrazyRedders

10413329_908819299151740_8888696967737035012_nYes that’s right, you heard me correctly, women get the blue balls too, but it’s called the pink balls.  If a man doesn’t have an orgasm, many of them complain that they have an unbearable feeling below the waist, known as the blue balls.  Woman can experience the same thing.  It can be physically irritating and emotionally frustrating.  It’s  a type of vasocongestion, meaning swelling of the tissues due to increase blood flow.  So many men complain about the blue balls.  Well guess what gentlemen , you do it to us too.  I guess men thought that if they came up with a name for their condition, that maybe just maybe we would feel obligated to help them with this problem.  Yeah They must of been thinking with wrong head.  Woman deserve to orgasm just as often as men.  Don’t worry this problem will never cause any harm to your privates, which is a good thing, because we don’t want nothing to happen to our special areas.  It may be tough to fall asleep with your mind on sex, but the feeling quickly subsides as soon as the blood flow to the area decreases.  If your having problems with the pink balls, and if he doesn’t want to step up to the plate then you might have to take matters into your own hands, if you know what I mean!  My opinion is, if you tease it, you had better please it, because if you don’t your going to get kicked in the nuts so hard dust is gonna fly.  But that’s just my opinion. It kinda works both ways though.  Ladies if you have a good man that doesn’t cause you to get the pink balls then make sure you show some love so he doesn’t get the blue balls.  Come on everyone, show some ball love and and stop leaving your significant other hanging.  Lets eliminate this horrible condition one sex act at a time.


Published January 17, 2015 by CrazyRedders


So in previous posts of my blog I have discussed that my husband doesn’t posses the ability to shut the hell up.  With that being said let me tell you what happened a few months before our wedding date.  We had to meet up with the reverend to discuss what was going to happened at the wedding.  Soon as we got to the church we sat down and started talking with the reverend.  The reverend started asking us questions like how did you meet, how long have you been together ect.  Well like always my husband can’t help himself.  And for some odd reason he thought it was important to tell the reverend that I look like sides show bob when I first wake up in the morning.  I was about to do a Gibbs on him and smack him upside is head.  But that wouldn’t necessarily be appropriate.  Oh but he was definitely getting it when we got home lol.  Him and the reverend were both laughing.  My husband looked at me and said what I’m just being honest in the house of the Lord.  Man he really drives me crazy sometimes.

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