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How many men & woman out there have tasted their wives/girlfriends deodorant ?

Published April 1, 2014 by CrazyRedders

Well do I have a story to tell all of you.  A friend of mine told me her story and told me I could share it on my blog.  But I’m not going to mention any names.


One summer night the kids were at their friends and her husband and her had the house all to themselves .  what to do , what to do.  Well I’ll tell you what they did.   They decided tonight was the night for wild crazy sex night, since they can make all the noise they want.  It’s not that often you get to have a wild crazy sex night.  Well they started to set the mood.  They lit some candles, grabbed some strawberries and whip cream, and had the KY ready on the night stand.  You know the warming kind.  Her husband told her to lie down,  I have a surprise for you he said.  He started kissing her lips then he looked at her and said I had my dinner tonight but I still haven’t had my desert yet.  So after that he started kissing her again and working his way down and down further until he hit the special spot and then he started going to town if you know what I mean.  After about 30 seconds of going to town  (man that was a short trip) he noticed a bad taste in his mouth.  He sprung up real quick and said , whats that taste woman ?  She said, What do you mean?  He said,  it taste different down there.  Then she remembered after she got out of the shower she put deodorant on down there because she read in a magazine that after you shave the cooch , deodorant helps with razor bumps.  He asked her again, what is that taste ?  And she said , It’s my SECRET.

This story might make you have second thoughts about going down below in the bedroom.  Please feel free to like comment and share this post.  And feel free to share your stories and thoughts on this.